Registration Fees

Due at time of registration and non-refundable

Returning Students: $20.00

New Students: $25.00


Due the first lesson of each month, September through June

.50 hrs/wk                 $46.00/mo                 5.0 hrs/wk                 $161.00/mo

.75 hrs/wk                 $54.00/mo                     5.25 hrs/wk               $166.00/mo

1.0 hrs/wk                 $59.00/mo                5.5 hrs/wk                 $171.00/mo

1.25 hrs/wk               $67.00/mo                5.75 hrs/wk               $176.00/mo

1.5 hrs/wk                 $74.00/mo                6.0 hrs/wk                 $181.00/mo

1.75 hrs/wk               $81.00/mo                6.25 hrs/wk               $186.00/mo

2.0 hrs/wk                 $91.00/mo                 6.5hrs/wk                  $191.00/mo

2.25 hrs/wk               $97.00/mo                6.75 hrs/wk               $196.00/mo

2.5 hrs/wk                 $102.00/mo                7.0 hrs/wk                 $201.00/mo

2.75 hrs/wk               $108.00/mo             7.25 hrs/wk               $206.00/mo

3.0 hrs/wk                 $114.00/mo             7.5 hrs/wk                 $211.00/mo

3.25 hrs/wk               $120.00/mo             7.75 hrs/wk               $216.00/mo

3.5 hrs/wk                 $128.00/mo             8.0 hrs/wk                 $221.00/mo

3.75 hrs/wk               $134.00/mo             8.25 hrs/wk               $227.00/mo

4.0 hrs/wk                 $143.00/mo             8.50 hrs/wk               $233.00/mo

4.25 hrs/wk               $147.00/mo             8.75 hrs/wk               $240.00/mo

4.50 hrs/wk               $152.00/mo             9.0 hrs/wk                 $245.00/mo

4.75 hrs/wk               $157.00/mo             9.25+ hrs/wk             $260.00/mo


Family Discounts

Siblings living in the same household

2nd child: $5.00/month; 3rd child: $10.00/month;

4th child: free tuition

Costume Deposits

Costume deposits of $45.00/class are due

October 1st and November 1st.

Other Fees

A late fee of $15.00 will be assessed against all accounts not paid in full by the 15th of the month. A charge of $25.00 will be assessed for any returned check.

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