Preschool Tot Program
Dance With Me  
 Ages 1.5-3 yrs.
Tuition $42.00 per month

A parent & tot class where a child can explore dance and music with the security of a parent or loved one in the room participating with them.

Tuesday  9:30-10:00

Saturday 9:00-9:30

Dance Adventure Ages 3-4 yrs Tuition $45.00 per month

A creative movement class that takes students on a magical adventure that incorporates pre-ballet, pre-jazz, and musical skills.

Saturday  9:30-10:15

Dance Basics Ages 2-5 yrs Tuition $45.00 per month

A pre-ballet, pre-tap, and tumbling combo class that incorporates dance and musical skills at an age appropraite level. This class is offered by age and students will be placed in the following categories: Treasured Twos, Terrific Threes, Fantastic 4s, and Fabulous Fives.

Treasured 2s Tuesday 10:15-11:00

Terrific 3s & Fantastic 4s Tuesday 9:30-10:15

Fantastic 4s & Fabulous 5s Tuesday 10:30-11:15
Wednesday 3:45-4:30

Fabulous 5s (Kindergarten) Friday 4:00-5:00
Saturday 11:00-11:45

Tiny Tumblers Ages 3-5 Tuition $45.00 per month

A pre-acro/gym class filled with age appropraite mat work and strengthening exercises.

Saturday  10:15-11:00

Hippity Hop Ages 4 & 5 Tuition $45.00 per month

An age appropraite pre-hip hop class including pre-ballet and pre-jazz skills to fun and exciting music.

Friday 5:00-5:45
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